A Trip North

Myself, John, D. and J. drove through the night to Reno.
I delivered some Paige In A Blanket packages.
Spent time with John's family, my bonus family.
I baked some cinnamon rolls from scratch with my mom.
Despite using the wrong flour they tasted good.
We planned for a round two soon. 
I enjoyed hot chocolate and talked to Papa.

S. requested a tiny glass to drink water from.
The smallest glass was a shot glass.
He tried filling it up with the refrigerator spout and water went everywhere.

A. played "Dress Papa". 

While eating a sandwich I had my hair done by J.
(With a bag clip)

A quick family photo. 

After a quick trip we left for home.
I finally got a picture of the sunrise.

We took a small sight seeing detour in Mammoth.
Rizzo stuck her head out the window to enjoy the view.

We all crunched through the snow to this bridge.

Our Orange County acclimated fingers began to freeze.
We walked back to our warm car.

Schat's Bakkery stop for goodies.
We got doughnuts, apple monkey bread, sourdough loaf, cheese bread, cookies, sandwiches...


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