Not Your Grandma's Diapers

A long, long awaited event took place today!
I had extremely high expectations...
...and I am here to say:


Ok, so I am slightly too excited over here, but really, I have got to share this.

I was indirectly introduced to the idea of cloth diapering over a year ago by Shari Criso on her My Baby Experts on-line TV show. Shari is an advocate for Rumparooz Cloth Diapers. I learned so much from her show and her cloth diapering program. She also has a breastfeeding program that I recommend; topic for another day. (I am in no way rewarded for sharing this information. I am just a fan and supporter of Shari and Rumparooz.)

Back to the story... (*this is going to be long)
Over the year and months my husband and I were trying to conceive I was so tempted to order one of these cute little diapers but I wanted to wait until we found out we were expecting. So last week, 13 weeks along, I got an email that for the day Kangacare (the company that sells Rumparooz) was offering a 25% off coupon on ones purchase. I took the opportunity to buy our first cloth diaper. I would have bought more but I decided not to because 'What if, heaven-forbid, I didn't like them?' 
Well, today I checked the mail and inside the metal box laid a white plastic package. It felt soft; it was the diaper! The diaper with promises of a healthy, money-saving, environmentally friendly and cute future. I walked inside my house and grabbed an orange pair of scissors to open this package and reveal the orange diaper. I slid the diaper out of the plastic and onto my table.

-Click to make larger-

Immediately I started playing experimenting with it.

Newborn Size

Large Size

How cute is the back!?

All the snaps for different sizes

Diaper highlights

Size information

It is everything I ever wanted it to be! 
Our little baby will be wrapped in these from birth to potty trained.
I will be registering for them and ordering the difference.
I think 36 will be just enough for us.

Wait, I know!
"EW, that is gross!" 
"How do you clean them? In your washing machine? NO WAY! Disgusting!"
Let me tell you WHY I am going to Cloth Diaper.

First, HEALTH.
There are known carcinogenic chemicals in disposable diapers and you can read the names if you click on the 'WHY' link above. Also, cloth is hypo-allergenic. Meaning, no diaper rash or burns from the toxic chemicals and reduced chances of a naturally developing rash.

An average baby will cost $1600 to diaper in their first two years. That is if you buy the perfect amount. It doesn't account for the extra diapers your baby will outgrow before you can use them, the diapers that get peed on before you can even get both tabs down, etc. That $1600 is per child too! 
If I buy all 36 or so of the diapers I want it is going to cost just under $900. That $900 may seem like a lot of money at the start but we will be set up for our two years on day one and these diapers last for more than one child. If they are cared for properly they can last for 2 or 3 or 4 children and maybe even more. *I plan on only two cycles. I won't need to go pick up diapers from the store, ever!

If a baby goes through 60 diapers per week that is 3120 diapers per year going into a landfill. Oh my gosh, that is one baby and one year! Ten babies for two years: 62400 diapers. Disposable diapers are the third largest contributor to landfills. That is gross. 

All of this information comes from the 'WHY' link above.

There are 12 different colors and 8 different patterns to choose from. I don't think a saggy disposable diaper can beat an orange cloth diaper; or pink, blue, green, owl, fire-truck...

What about washing?
General overview from 'washing' link:
Breastfed baby poo is 100% organic.
Just throw it in the wash. The diaper will be clean and your washer will be clean too.
Solid poo goes into the toilet and then you wash the diaper. Easy.

I think it would be great if people would convert to cloth diapering but if they don't it is not going to bother me. Everyone has the right to use whatever product they would like on their baby. I want my baby in cloth diapers and I want my family and friends to know why and support me in that decision. 

One more scream of excitement for our first orange diaper!