Nursery Fever

2/3 of the bedroom is ours.
1/3 of the bedroom is baby's.
We are using this arrangement for the next year.
So when I say nursery, I mean the baby's 1/3.

What we have:
-clothes cabinet with 3 bins inside
-two bins for under the cabinet
-four wonderful books
-8 frames with pictures on the wall
-a bit of clothes, towels and blankets in the bins

Being shipped:
-Jenny Lind crib: cherry

On my mind:
-crib skirt (sewing project!)
-fill empty frame with picture
-add one more frame to the wall
-crafting a mobile
-find wire basket for books
-rug that goes with our side of the room, maybe
-painting the frames when we find out the gender
-crocheting an animal toy with the colors of the nursery

Goodness, this is fun!


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