Two Sides To Every Coin

The Good:

Our monthly prenatal visit was at 8:00am this morning. I woke up really looking forward to it. 
John and I arrived, sat in the waiting area for five minutes, my weight was taken, talked with our midwife and then she brings out the Doppler. The goo is applied about where my pant button would be and she places the Doppler on my belly. In that same moment our baby's heartbeat fills the air and we all smile. Midwife exclaims, "We've got a cooperative baby here!" It was such a sweet sound to hear again. 
Now we know our  little baby is halfway between my bellybutton and my pubic bone. 

The Bad:

I ate watermelon around 4:00pm and it tasted yummy. My body then progressively started to feel terrible. I got up to check on Rizzo, my Beagle. She was soaking up the sun on the patio. I turned to walk inside and a wave of nausea came over me. I scurried to the bathroom. The watermelon found itself back in a white ceramic bowl; just not with "POPCORN" written on the side. 
It was awful. 
Getting sick is awful. 
My eyes fill with tears, my nose gets runny, my body constricts and convulses.

The positive side is that this is only the second time I have thrown up since becoming pregnant so I am thankful for that.