Excitement was flowing.
John's face shows it!

We sat in the waiting room. The minutes seemed to stretch on. We were called and showed to our room. A room with an ultrasound machine, t.v., chairs and a reclined bench. The bench was padded and so comfortable. The ultrasound technician covered my clothes with towels and put a large dollop of gel under my belly button. He placed the wand on my belly and we watched our baby come into view on the monitor.
Life changing and it kept on getting better.
John and I sat there in awe for ten minutes as the technician showed us various parts of our baby's body and at 3:39 our baby's gender was revealed to us. Our baby is a GIRL! I looked at John and he looked at me. We were flooded with love. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I watched our baby girl moving around on the screen. I could feel her moving and see her moving. It was amazing!
Measurements of her brain, skull, bones and body circumference were taken. She measured two days ahead of schedule. We were shown each of her hands, arms, feet and legs.

Her little foot.

We saw her stomach, kidneys, bladder, brain, spine and ribs. The placenta is on the back side of my uterus and is away from my cervix (yay). Her heart has formed perfectly as far as an ultrasound can tell. Her aorta was shaped perfectly like a Christmas candy cane and branched out to her kidneys and legs. The main vessels of her heart were in correct order and we saw four distinct chambers. The survey of her heart was very thorough. Being that I am a huge lover of anatomy and have studied it, I was overjoyed to hear and see every detail. The tech. reaffirmed the female gender. He attempted to get a profile shot after many tries due to her position and got it! After about 40 minutes of conducting the ultrasound he went to get the ultrasound specialist for a final overview to confirm that she was developing perfectly.
John and I waited and called her by her name. It was a Heaven-on-Earth moment.

The specialist did a quick overview. She confirm that she was developing perfectly and that she was a female. We were congratulated and wished a happy remainder of pregnancy. The gel was wiped from my belly, I sat up and we waited for our hour long DVD to finalize. I thanked the technician for helping our experience to be so lovely. We left with a video and quite a few prints of our little girl. 
Our heats are full of happiness and praise!

Meet Ezra!


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