Week 20

Halfway there,
at the OC Fair.

(only highlights this week)
Sleep: I had a mild cold and my sleep suffered. I couldn’t breathe well, one night it felt like I had heartburn, going anywhere without a tissue was disaster, I worried about baby’s health, etc. It was a mild cold but pregnancy in the mix makes it major. It was awful.
Best moment this week: Ultrasound!
Movement: Oh yes! She is powerful! John and my sister-in-law saw and felt her.
Food cravings:  A corndog from the fair.
Gender: Girl! Her name is Ezra.
Looking forward to: Everything!
Baby’s fruit size: Banana

The view:

The food (corndog is not pictured):

The love of my life, John:

The ride in motion:

The lights, fun and floor:

The information:

The end:


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