Cuddle Quilt

About a year ago I had some pretty strips of fabric rolled up like a cinnamon bun. They wanted to be something more than just a bundle. I decided sewing them together would be the best way to present them together. The strips became an oddly long rectangle. It looked to me like the face of a beautiful baby quilt. I folded it up and stuffed it into my "future-baby" box and there it sat until we found out we were expecting a girl. I began brainstorming how I would use this tiny rectangle. I settled with a cuddle quilt. John and I picked out fabric for the sides and back on Friday and yesterday everything was sewn together. I adore it! I envision Ezra taking naps with it and dragging it around in her little hands. I hope she loves what I made for her. 

"ezra" quilted into the blanket (the back)

(the front)

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