It was Sunday afternoon and we needed a date.
A spontaneous, something-extra kind of a date.
I thought, Griffith Park!
I checked the calender of events and saw Shakespeare in the Park
The final showing of A Midsummer Nights Dream this summer.
We decided to go and experience something new... maybe we would like it.
Into the car and off we went.
Our bag packed with oranges, water, sweaters, a blanket and the camera.
*Pit-stop for a Snapple and two Arizona teas.

One hour later we were sitting on our blanket on a grassy hill overlooking a stage. Many people had brought full picnics and seeing the food got me hungry. Splitting a big orange with John helped a little.

The show started and I was confused.
John knew the story line but I didn't.
After a while I began to catch on and was enjoying it...
...but then hunger struck, Ezra started squirming around and my bum was going numb! Thankfully John was hungry too and okay with leaving. So we left right as the intermission began.

John told me the rest of the story as we walked to our car.
We agreed that we will definitely be going next year with Ezra and a full picnic!

We drove back towards OC and Downtown Disney came to mind.
That would be a perfect place to get dinner and walk around.
The Disneyland fireworks lit up the sky as we drove closer.
The freeway exit had an extra long red light so we watched the fireworks.
After walking around for a while we decided on ESPN Zone.
Our meal was so delicious!
Spontaneous date night was a complete success!

I didn't write a 'Week 23' update. Sorry. My mom was here visiting and the time escaped me. My appointment with my midwife had to be rescheduled as well. They had a woman in labor. So this week, on Friday, I will post a plump update!
For now, I have this picture from Sunday. 
(23 weeks and 3 days)

-Click to see larger-


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