Makings of a Mobile

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make a mobile. I searched and searched for an idea that appealed to my criteria. Far too many mobiles are beautiful from the side but not from the bottom. This doesn't make sense to me. The mobile is for entertaining the baby, right?

Well, I found the perfect idea. Resource.
They are so beautiful and especially from the bottom! 
They only require air to move.

John and I went down to Michaels. We got a bunch of beautiful paper, eyelets and the eyelet tool, brads with a rhinestone facing, and a glue stick. I printed out the template that my resource linked to. We traced the stencil on the paper, cut it out, punched holes and put them together. 

I was not sure exactly how I wanted to hang them. I tried wire from a hanger and it looked weird. So on to the next idea: wooden dowels. I bought one long dowel from Lowes. John cut it into three pieces. I sanded the ends round and drilled tiny holes where the string would be tied. We thought the dowels looked nice left as naked wood. I used clear stretchy string and reinforced the knots with nail glue (which worked like a charm; highly recommend). Each pinwheel eyelet is threaded with the string and a small white button holds them up. Two of the pinwheels have a lighter paper so we balanced the weight with a small fishing weight.

The finished mobile was placed on a small, gold hook above Ezra's crib and there it will stay!
We laid on our bed watching them spin with the cool breeze...
...and started daydreaming about Ezra watching them.

Here is a 30 second clip of them spinning. It is too good to leave out.

So here is a bit of our progress:

Much more work is needed and in progress now.
John is building three gallery-display shelves for books.
I am crocheting a basket for diaper stuff.

Here is what I am hoping to finish by the end of this month:
-shelves (painted and hung)
-picture frames (add one and paint all)
-receive ordered mattress and pad
-find a toy bin
-find a laundry hamper

We will see what gets done...


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