Plus and Minus

Our prenatal visit was this morning. 
The usual routine went on.
Weigh in. Up 28 pounds total.
Blood pressure is as it should be.
Lie back.
BJ, our midwife, feels my belly.
She measures my belly.
We listen to Ezra's heartbeat.
Everything is perfect!
BJ is starting to check her position. 
She felt her head down low in the right position...
...and a round, hard ball up high too.
Could that be her head or just a firm rump?
If she is head-down then that is great but if not it would mean that I would have to start specific exercises to try to have her turn.
To be sure a quick ultrasound was decided upon.
It lasted under one minute. Her head is down! Yay!
We had planned on only one ultrasound so this was unexpected but it was great to get a tiny peek at her.

We were discussing a home visit because we have planned for a home birth.
When BJ heard we live in an apartment she asked how many bathrooms we have and which floor we live on.
One bathroom and third floor (without an elevator).
Here it goes:
Unfortunately, those two factors will not work for a home birth.
In case of an emergency, the third floor is too risky.
It is very likely that I will be laboring in the bathroom for some of the time and the birthing team needs a restroom for their own needs too. (I had never thought of this situation.) 
Each of these reasons are understandable.
I am not angry but I am very disappointed. I have had a home birth planned since before I was pregnant.
I have to remind myself that God has this all planned out and his plan is perfect. I need to look at the positive aspects of giving birth at a free-standing birthing center. I need to envision my ideal birth in a new location.
I can do that!

Here is the start of turning my frown upside down.

I like the birthing center. It is comfortable and peaceful.
The room is like a hotel rather than a hospital room. 
There is a bed and a bigger tub than I have at home.
Instead of my house getting messy the birth center gets messy and they clean it up.
It takes less than 10 minutes to drive there.
I can labor just as freely as I would have at home.
We can bring anything we want or need to be comfortable.

That is what I have so far.

Here is a view into my new birthing location.

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