Week 33

How far along? 33 weeks
Total weight gain: 25 lbs. Update next week.
Maternity clothes? Nope. Stretchy clothes are still working.
Stretch marks? None on my belly.
Sleep: Oh goodness. I am getting heartburn when I sleep so I have built a sleeping wedge out of pillows. It helps a little.
Best moment this week: Trying pho for the first time. Delicious!
Miss anything? Sushi, what is new? I see it everywhere!
Movement: I feel her all the time. She is so active!
Food cravings: Warm soups and drinks. Water! Pho...
Anything making you queasy or sick: No
Showing? I have been told that my belly is easily disguised but I think we are reaching the point where it can't. This week my sister said, "Oh, you popped! You look pregnant." 
Gender: Sweet girl
Labor signs: Very few Braxton Hicks.
Symptoms: I feel bigger in my belly.
Belly button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: California winter and holidays!
Baby’s fruit size: Pineapple again... still yummy!

A cuddle and a tickle!