Ezra's Birth

Welcome to the world, sweet girl!
This is the story of your birth.

Friday morning I was waking up with contractions but they were mild enough to sleep in between. I wasn't sure if they were true labor contractions. Around 9:30 am I called John to let him know that they were stronger than the ones I had been having and I was going to get up to see if they stuck. I took Rizzo down for her morning potty break. The contractions were staying. My mom was in town that week and had a flight back home that evening. She had stayed over that night hoping I would go into labor. I told her that I though that I might be going into labor so she changed her flight to the next day. I called John to tell him they were getting stronger and closer together. He told me he was on his way home. All of this happened around 10:00 am.

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John got home quickly and began timing my contractions. They were progressing quickly from 8 to 5 minutes apart and the intensity increased as well. I was a little freaked out at how quickly the time between was growing shorter. I asked him to call the midwives pager. Around 12:00 pm we spoke with one of the midwives, Allison. She listened to me through a contraction and asked the times. She said she would talk to BJ, the midwife I had been seeing through my pregnancy. 

By 1:00 pm the contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes lasting 1 minute. I was ready to leave for the birthing center. I could not relax knowing that they were getting closer together and I was going to have to get up, walk down two flights of stairs and ride in a car. Allison called and said they would meet us at the birthing center at 2:00 pm. We started getting ready to leave. As we were leaving I had a contraction while leaning on our patio gate. I had another while on the ground level before reaching our car. John had to run upstairs to grab something and while he was gone I had another. The ride wasn't too bad. I remember saying how it was such a beautiful day for Ezra to be born. The air was perfectly clear, the sky was blue and white, and the hills were green. We arrived at the birthing center. I got out of the car and when I reached the sidewalk another contraction came.

The men in the office were there so we were able to get into the room and settle in before Allison met us. I felt a lot more comfortable and was able to relax.

Allison arrived and asked to check how far along I was. I wanted to know and didn't really have a guess or clue. She said I was 3 cm and 80 percent effaced. The day before I was 2 cm and 70 percent. Something was happening but not too much. She asked if we would rather go labor more at home or labor a few hours there and see how things progressed. I wanted to stay. The thought of driving and stairs was not attractive. She sat with us for a while timing my contractions. 2-3 minutes apart. Then she left the room so John and I could labor. I was frustrated because my contractions seemed to be plateauing. I had been too worried about the speed of progression at home. I had to refocus on laboring. I kept working through each contraction. I walked, swayed, bounced on the birth ball and laid on the bed to rest.

At 4:30 pm Allison came in again and asked to check my progression. So she checked and briefly left the room. Her and BJ walked in together. BJ then checked me and told me I was at 9 cm. They were surprised by how quickly I had progressed. So with that information I was definitely staying. The tub was filled and they said I could labor in it if I wanted to. I wasn't sure so I took a few minutes to think about it. I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be very helpful in relaxing.

The contractions got harder and harder to relax through. Occasionally my entire body would tense up and sort of push. My noises changed from light moans and wines to deeper moans and occasional grunts. I was ready to get out of the tub. I wanted to lay on the bed.

I laid down and kept having contractions where my body would push on its own. Allison checked to see if my cervix was completely gone. There was a tiny bit left. She said I could start practice pushing to see if it felt good and that she would try to push the rest of my cervix to the side so Ezra's head could come through. I began pushing. It took a few contractions to get comfortable with how to push. Now I was ready to push to get my baby out and so it began at 5:45 pm.

Each contraction I pushed 3 times. It was so hard to push but it felt right. As Ezra moved lower and lower it got more and more painful in between contractions. I said a lot of "oh man" and "it hurts" and "ouch". I reached down and could feel her wrinkly head coming closer. In one contraction I had pushed three times and they asked me to push again. I said, "I can't." John sweetly said, "Don't say that you can't do this. You are doing it." I replied with, "I don't mean that I can't have this baby. Just that I can't do a fourth push. I need a rest." Everybody laughed. The final contraction of pushing her head out was so amazingly painful. 

Her head came out and I waited for the next contraction to push her shoulders out. I pushed and she came out and they brought her straight to my chest. At 6:32 pm I said, "My baby!" 

I looked at John and fell even more deeply in love with him!

We fell even more deeply in love with her! Seeing her for the first time is completely indescribable. 
Pure joy. Pure happiness. Pure love.
Thank you, God!

After a few minutes John got to cut his daughters cord.

I got a second degree tear so I was stitched. After our vitals were taken and they knew we were perfectly okay they left us to be a family for about two hours. They went to pick up food and treated us to dinner. Once I had eaten they wanted me to go to the bathroom. 

John held Ezra for the first time. 

Ezra was weighed. 8 lbs 8 oz. One ounce away from my 8.9 guess.
She measured 20 inches.

BJ and Allison checking her out and preparing for her vitamin K shot.

She did not like the shot.

John and I put her in her first outfit. Everything was so big on her.

My mom showed up as we were preparing to leave. She put my hair up. John had tried but he just needs a little more practice. What a sweet gesture.

Putting her in the car seat was a job for two. 
She was so delicate and tiny.

We were back in our home by about 10 pm.

Nana holding Ezra for the first time.
(My mom)

Ezra being held by her Papa and Mimi for the first time.
(John's mom and dad)

Auntie Jessie holding Ezra for the first time.
(John's sister/my best friend)

This is our sweet Ezra.
She is a piece of Heaven on Earth.

We love you so much, Ezra!

~Paige and John
-or to Ezra-
~Mama and Daddy

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